Master of Science in Geographic Information Science

Degree Program

The Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (MSGIS) degree program at CSULB is a one-year, 30-unit, cohort-based program designed to provide students with advanced analytic and technical training in geospatial technologies and professional skill-building, in order to prepare graduates for the geospatial workforce. Courses are scheduled to meet the needs of working professionals.

Please Note:

  • Students enrolled in this program are eligible for some forms of financial aid, with the exception of the State University Grant (SUG) and Cal Vet College Fee Waiver.  
  • GI Bill benefits can be used for this program. Click here to learn more about eligibility, rates, and other details.

Individuals across the geospatial workforce seeking focused and specialized training to become competitive and contribute to the range of positions in this diverse industry

  • Complete a Master of Science (MS) degree in one year.
  • Training in Geographic Information Systems, cartography, and remote sensing are uniquely combined with professional and interpersonal skill-building.
  • Program faculty bring years of expertise in geographic information science.
  • The program continually adapts to develop skills and provide relevant workforce experience.
  • Coursework addresses core technical, analytical, professional, and interpersonal competencies required of geospatial practitioners.
  • Student research projects focus on industry-informed topics.
  • Networking and professional development experiences are offered.
  • The program features a small cohort of 25 students.
  • Advanced technical and analytical skills in Geographic Information Systems, cartography, remote sensing, enterprise geodatabases, and programming
  • Professional and interpersonal competencies

“Not only did the MSGIS program fulfill my hopes, but it had the added benefit of the diverse education and experience I gained through the course work. Night and weekend classes made it easy for me to provide an income while gaining an education. The days were rewarding due to the collaboration of all students in the cohort, and all instructors continuously gave details on how to take a project just one step higher. I learned such a great deal in those courses, and still utilize my notes today. Without the MSGIS program and their collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management, I would not have gained this position."

Audrey Sauvey GIS Specialist Master of Science in Geographic Information Science