Certificate Program

The Certificate in Leadership program, offered by California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in partnership with MindEdge, will show students how to transform natural charisma and enthusiasm into leadership skills. The coursework discusses the theories of leadership, and offers real-world practical explanations and definitions. The program drills down into leading teams, leading through change, and the importance of work-life balance. This five-course certificate program focuses on the importance of leadership, how to encourage change without triggering fearful resistance, and the key elements of leading an effective team.

Please note: Students do not need to be enrolled at CSULB to take this course. To register, simply complete the payment process for the full program on the MindEdge website

  • Experienced managers who want to build their leadership skills
  • Leaders who want to bring their organization to the next level
  • Team leaders who want to gain practical skills in working with their groups
  • Supervisors who want to learn to “manage up”
  • This program is entirely online, in a self-paced instructor-facilitated format that allows learners to study at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • The curriculum balances academic excellence with real-world practice, featuring text, video, interactivity, adaptive learning technology, quiz banks, and other features not available in a traditional textbook.
  • The theories of leadership
  • Key elements of leading an effective team
  • Practical explanations and definitions
  • Leading teams
  • Leading through change
  • The importance of work-life balance

Body Language for Leaders

At the core of strong leadership is the ability to communicate effectively. But many leaders focus solely on their spoken words, while ignoring the impact of their nonverbal cues, including facial expressions, hand gestures, body movements, and eye gaze. This course provides an understanding of the impact of body language, showing leaders how to communicate in a way that builds and sustains positive relationships with employees, clients, and business partners.

Introduction to Leadership

This course examines how to become a successful and effective leader in modern organizations.

Leaders and Work-Life Balance

This course is designed for anyone who recognizes work-life balance as a skill, and wants to improve their ability to create this balance. This course looks at the methods and techniques that can reconcile work and family obligations. Learners will also consider the question of personal fulfillment, as well as the needs and demands of leadership.

Leading Teams

This course addresses the key issues surrounding leadership in a team environment. It features details how team leaders must account for the special and unique circumstances of working in a team; as well as how responsibility, accountability, communication, and leadership are shared.

Leading and Managing Change

This course features details on how to address the key issues managers face in a dynamic environment.