Introduction to Hybrid and Online Teaching and Learning

Academic Course (University Credit)

K-20 and continuing education programs are increasingly offering hybrid and online courses. These modes of instruction differ significantly from face-to-face delivery, so faculty need to understand how such courses are designed and experienced. This one-unit course, ETEC 450, provides a clear introduction to hybrid and online teaching and learning. It can support various teaching and training programs, while preparing faculty who are interested in utilizing these alternative systems. Participants learn how to analyze and design hybrid and online learning activities, along with related managerial, legal and ethical issues. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing recommends that teacher preparation programs should include this aspect of education.

Pre-service and practitioner teachers and trainers who want to:

  • Experience a hybrid and online course
  • Expand their skill set to gain current expertise in digital literacy
  • Enhance their instructional design skills
  • Gain expertise teaching in hybrid and online settings
  • Increase their students’ learning abilities
  • Become more marketable in education
  • The course models hybrid and online learning by meeting once face-to-face and once online in real-time, with three additional weeks online at students’ convenience.
  • The five-week course equals one unit of instruction.
  • The course is approved by CSULB, and can be transferred into a credential or degree program.
  • How to compare the characteristics of face-to-face, hybrid and online teaching and learning.
  • How to critically analyze an online learning module.
  • How to design an online instructional module with the latest tools.
  • How to identify and explain issues concerning the management of hybrid and online teaching and learning.
  • How to explain legal and ethical issues in online teaching and learning.
  • How to identify current trends in hybrid and online education courses.
  • Successfully complete one unit of instruction (ETEC 450)
  • Participants are expected to hold a teaching or training certificate, or be in the process of earning one