Google Analytics 4

Professional Development Course

Web analytics is an essential component of any successful marketing campaign, and Google Analytics is one of the most widely used web analytics tools on the market. Google Analytics provides marketers with metrics, reports, and tools for measuring audience data and user behavior. The data collected through Google Analytics can be used to improve and adjust marketing campaigns.

This introductory course provides a basic overview of Google Analytics, ranging from account set-up to platform navigation. The course will dive into key metrics and audience and segment creation. Additionally, the course will touch on search engine optimization (SEO) basics and discuss the benefits of using Google Analytics for publishing, B2B marketing, and e-commerce.

Please note: Students do not need to be enrolled at CSULB to take this course. To register, simply complete the payment process for the full program on the MindEdge website

Those who work in:

  • Marketing
  • Publishing/Blogging
  • Data analysis
  • E-commerce
  • B2B companies
  • Basic concepts of Google Analytics
  • Dimensions and metrics in web traffic
  • Tracking code and Google Tag Manager
  • Events and conversions in the target audience
  • How to track and measure targets with reports and explorations
  • The purpose of audiences, segments, filters, and comparisons
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and its impact on web traffic
  • Content publishing, B2B marketing, and e-commerce