CSULB Summer Sessions

CSULB offers more than 500 courses including in-person, online (synchronous or asynchronous), and technology-enhanced alternative modes during Summer Sessions. Many of these courses are transferable to other colleges and universities, so you can earn up to 14 units toward your degree. Registration is easy, and no formal admission to the university is required.

CSULB’s Maximum and Full-Time Student Load policy limits students to a maximum of 14 units over the course of the entire summer. Students who are interested in additional units are required to submit an Extra Unit Petition. Per the policy, the maximum number of units a student may take during the summer term is one unit per week, plus one additional unit. Thus, the maximum number of units is normally seven for a six-week session, 10 for two overlapping sessions, and 14 for an entire summer.

Please note:

  • Students are limited to apply for a maximum of 24 non-matriculated units to their degree per Title 5 40407 and 40407.1 and CSU Transfer of Extension Credit policy.
  • Disqualified students, who are attending via CPaCE as non-matriculated students to raise their GPAs while working towards reinstatement, are limited to six units.

If you have a CSULB account that is active for Summer 2024 and are interested in enrolling in a course during Session 1 (May 28 - July 5) or the 12-Week Session (May 28 - August 16), you must submit a request for Permission to Add through MyCSULB. Once the instructor and department approve your request, it will be processed through CPaCE's Student Services Center for registration.