Phi Beta Delta (ΦΒΔ), founded at California State University, Long Beach in 1986, is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education.

Our Goals:
  • Recognize the scholarly achievement of international students and scholars, who have studied abroad and faculty and staff who are involved in international activities.
  • Serve as a vehicle for the development of academic-based international programming.
  • Provide a network on each campus of faculty, staff and students involved in international endeavors.
  • Extend this network to thousands of members in chapters throughout the world.

  • Publicly recognizes international scholarly achievement of international students and scholars who have studied abroad, and faculty and staff who are involved in international activities.
  • Provides a coordinated way to connect with other CSULB community members who are active in international scholarship
  • Helps further advance the Global Awareness component of CSULB's mission
  • Facilitates networking with your internationally-minded peers at other campuses to expand your scholarship, teaching, and service.
  • Provides access to peer-reviewed publications and international scholarship, including opportunities to write and edit for its journal
  • Offers unique advantages for faulty promotion (e.g., RTP) and scholarly career.
  • Provides scholarships for students to pursue international scholarship
  • See more reasons to join at

Membership is open to nominated faculty, staff, upper division students (3.2+ GPA)/ graduate students (3.5+ GPA) who demonstrate a strong international orientation through studies, research, and/or scholarly and creative activities.

Please click here to download the Phi Beta Delta Faculty/Staff Reactivation/Nomination Form.


The new membership fee is $50 and renewal is $20. The new membership fee goes to the international Phi Beta Delta headquarters to pay for membership processing; you get a gold medallion and membership certificate. Please make checks payable to 'Phi Beta Delta'.