Degree–seeking international students can be eligible for employment and other types of practical training in the U.S., but with certain restrictions. The role of the Office for International Students and Scholars (ISS), is to provide guidance to students about their responsibilities and the benefits available to them in accordance with immigrations regulations and policies.

Degree-seeking international students can explore the following different types of employment authorizations while in F-1 status:   

    1. On-Campus Employment
    2. Off-Campus Practical Training
        A. Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
        B. Optional Practical Training (OPT)
        C. 24-Month STEM OPT extension
        D. Cap Gap Extension
    3. Other Off-Campus employment
        A. Employment based on severe economic hardship
        B. Special Student Relief for F-1 students
        C. Employment with an International Organization

The Office of International Students and Scholars offers a variety of services to help degree-seeking international students and scholars understand their employment benefits. The following services are available to new and continuing students as well as alumni: