Software Development Bootcamp

Professional Development Course

In partnership with ThriveDX, the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) offers a Software Development Bootcamp to transform learners with little or no experience into ready-to-hire developers in less than one year. This comprehensive curriculum teaches the most updated skills, provides hands-on experience that employers look for, and is taught by instructors who are leading professionals in the industry.  

Learners utilize cutting-edge materials to practice real-world scenarios and develop the critical thinking necessary to succeed as coders or software developers. The immersive learning environment is designed for learners with a non-technical background to gain hands-on experience that can qualify them for entry-level positions. 

No previous experience in software development or coding is necessary. Learners can start from scratch, learn the basics, and progress to in-depth training topics. At the end of each program, ThriveDX provides comprehensive Career Services for assistance in job and internship placements. Upon completion of the program, graduates could be eligible to pursue many different roles in the tech industry, including Software Developer, Software Engineer, MERN Stack Developer, Front-End Developer, Web Developer, Application Engineer, Software Programmer, Python Developer, and Back-End Developer. 

To learn more about this program and contact a consultant, visit ThriveDX’s Software Development website

This program is presented in partnership with a third-party provider and is not taught by California State University, Long Beach faculty. The course is not offered for academic credit and is not degree-eligible. 

Web Design 

  • Front-End Technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript  
  • Web Accessibility Best Practices 
  • CSS Frameworks 
  • User Experience 
  • User Interface Design 
  • Agile Software Methodology 
  • Responsive Design 

Web Development 

  • Back-End Frameworks 
  • Node.js and Express  
  • API Development  
  • API Documentation 
  • API Best Practices 
  • React Web Applications 
  • Data Modeling 
  • SQL and NoSQL 

Software Engineering 

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Cloud Architecture 
  • Python Programming 
  • DevOps 
  • TypeScript 
  • Sass 
  • Server Deployments 
  • Serverless Deployments 
  • Testing Methodologies 
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) 
  • Learners of any professional background who have a strong affinity for technical solutions 
  • Those who enjoy aspects of conceptual and visual design 
  • People who enjoy puzzles 
  • Creative problem-solvers 

Learners must pass all courses with a 70% or better (with the opportunity to re-submit projects along the way). 

Technical Requirements

Before enrolling, students should have: 

  • A reliable machine that is less than 10 years old 
  • A typing speed of 30 WPM or better 
  • Basic knowledge of using computers 
  • Knowledge of basic math including algebra