Problem Solving

Professional Development Course

The vast majority of problems in an organization are not only solvable, they’re avoidable. And when you’re the person who brings the critical information management needs to their attention, you become their Go-To Person - which is exactly what you should be. By knowing the Problem-Solving Skills that identify problems - including their real causes and potentially lasting effects - in the early stages or before they happen makes you one of the most valuable people an organization can have. By also knowing how to present your solutions to management in a way that focuses their attention, you pave the way to promotion.

This course is offered by CSULB in partnership with, an online provider of self-managed, self-directed, immediately implementable, measurable, repeatable professional development resources.

  • How to identify problems in their earliest stages and even before they occur
  • The analytical process identifying what went wrong and why
  • How to make sure problems don’t recur
  • Skills for preparing and presenting immediately implementable, measurable solutions to your management
  • How to document and present time- and money-savings based on your recommendations


This online, interactive course is offered with a start date every other week, and takes five weeks to complete. Students receive hints and tips during the course period. Students must successfully complete the course to receive a certificate.