Music and Industry Fundamentals (Live Online Program)

Certificate Program

The Live Online Program is taught by an instructor in a virtual classroom setting. That means courses are in real-time, yet virtually streamed from the comfort of your home. There are two Enrollment Options for this program:

  • The full program costs $8,640 and includes six courses.
  • Choosing individual courses costs $1,800 per course.
  • Artists
  • Songwriters
  • Music producers
  • Those aspiring to a career in the music industry
  • Students must attend a minimum of 75% of class meetings and complete all required course work and projects.
  • Complete all six courses.

Students who successfully complete all courses in the program are eligible to receive a Digital Badge from CSULB’s College of Professional and Continuing Education. Each Digital Badge is embedded with a link to secure and specific information confirming that the participant has obtained the necessary skills and competencies as described in the program. The badge also includes the participant’s name, the course title, and date of completion. Badges are shareable and can be uploaded to CVs, resumes, social media profiles, or other digital platforms. Click here to learn more about Digital Badges.