Professional Development Course

The College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) has partnered with ThriveDX to offer a top-tier cybersecurity program. The Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Program includes a curriculum with instructors who are leading professionals in the industry. Learners utilize cutting-edge materials, including virtual network environments where they can practice real-world scenarios. This immersive environment is designed for learners with a non-technical background to gain hands-on experience that can qualify them for entry-level cybersecurity positions. 

No previous experience in IT or computers is necessary. Learners can start from scratch, learn the basics, and progress to in-depth training topics. At the end of each program, ThriveDX provides comprehensive Career Services for assistance in job and internship placements. Upon completion of the program, you could be eligible to pursue many different roles in the tech industry including Network Security Engineer or Administrator, Systems Security Engineer or Manager, Cyber Network Defender, Vulnerability Assessment Analyst, Cybersecurity Operations Specialist, Network Security Technician, Cybersecurity Crime Investigator, Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst, IT Security Manager, IT Support Engineer, or Network Operations Center (NOC) Technician. 

To learn more about this program and contact a consultant visit ThriveDX’s Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Program page

This program is presented in partnership with a third-party provider and is not taught by California State University, Long Beach faculty. The course is not offered for academic credit and is not degree-eligible. 

  • The fundamentals of cybersecurity  
  • Real-world cyberattack simulations 
  • How to set up, maintain, and protect various organizations from impending cyber-threats 
  • Principles of cybersecurity research 
  • Networking and network attacks 
  • Installing and operating Windows and Linux Operating Systems (OSs) 
  • Windows Client, Windows Server 2012, and Enterprise 
  • Domain name system (DNS)  
  • Shares and permissions  
  • Disk management 
  • iOS fundamentals 
  • File system and error handling 
  • Mitigation, tools, and security measures 
  • Data analysis & forensics 
  • Beginners with little to no technical background 
  • Those with some prior knowledge of cyber and tech 
  • Gifted problem-solvers Learners with a strong affinity for technology 

Learners must pass all 15 courses with a 70% or better (with the opportunity to re-submit projects along the way).  

Technical Requirements

Learners will need to supply their own laptop computers with the following requirements: 

  • i7 Processor 
  • 16 GB of RAM 
  • 500 GB of available hard drive (portable hard drives will also suffice) 
  • Preferably Windows OS, but Mac OS will work with the above specs