2022-2023 Financial and Enrollment Data

As a self-support college, CPaCE does not receive state funding, and is required to cover all program development and infrastructure support using a portion of the revenue derived from its many course offerings.


Total Student Enrollment

In 2022-2023, CPaCE enrollment included 29,100 students through its credit, professional, and specialized programs. CPaCE continues to be very successful in serving the needs of the community through its variety of courses and programs.


  • 34.50% Summer Sessions
  • 17.60% Non-Credit Certificate Programs & Courses
  • 16.50% Degree Programs
  • 13.10% Open University & Study Abroad @ The Beach
  • 07.30% Winter Session
  • 07.20% Other Credit Programs/Courses
  • 02.70% American Language Institute Programs
  • 01.20% International Training Programs
Distribution of Enrollment

$29.9 Million

Total Generated Revenue

CPaCE revenue totaled $29.9 million, with $6 million transferred to CSULB campus partners, $879 thousand set aside for CSU assessments, and $2.5 million in cost recovery for the campus. The remaining funds are utilized to cover operating expenses, maintain and grow current CPaCE programs, and provide for new program development, infrastructure, and contingency reserves.


  • 31.69% Summer Sessions
  • 28.38% Degree Programs
  • 10.75% Professional Programs
  • 07.21% Open University
  • 05.94% Winter Session
  • 03.27% Other Credit Programs
  • 03.04% American Language Institute
  • 02.69% Advanced Media Production
  • 02.60% Study Abroad @ the Beach
  • 01.54% May Intersession
  • 01.11% International Training Programs
  • 00.91% Other Revenue
  • 00.86% GS 700
Distribution of Revenue

$2.81 Million

Received in Grants and Contracts

The Center for International Trade and Transportation was awarded $2.81 million in revenue via several grant proposals and various contracts with industry partners including the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), Active Transportation Research Center, METRANS, and the Tribal Technical Assistance Program, among others.

$29.7 Million

Total Expenses

Instructional and staff salaries and benefits are covered by $15.4 million, or 51 percent of CPaCE’s revenue and funding.


  • 29.87% Instructor Salaries and Benefits
  • 22.03% Staff Salaries and Benefits
  • 20.35% Academic Partner Transfers
  • 08.73% Instructional Related Expenses
  • 08.35% CSULB General Fund Reimbursement
  • 07.71% Other Operating Expenses
  • 02.96% CSU/State Pro Rata Assessment

$6 Million

Transferred to CSULB Academic Partners/General Fund

$6 million transferred to CSULB campus partners and $879 thousand set aside for CSU assessments.